galswinth (galswinth) wrote in namarsh_ru,

Запад может признать выборы нелегитимными.

MOSCOW, Nov. 16 — Western election observers pulled out of a mission today to monitor Russia’s Dec. 2 parliamentary elections, citing restrictions imposed by the Kremlin on their work.

The cancellation by the election monitoring arm of the 56-member Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe means the elections being held by President Vladimir V. Putin’s government may not be seen as legitimate by Western Europe and the United States.

The group’s decision to withdraw from the monitoring mission marked the first such occurrence in Russia since the country undertook to allow access for election observers in 1990, as the Soviet Union was disintegrating, and would likely be seen as another breach between the government of President Vladimir V. Putin and the West. <...>

Речь об отзыве иностранных обозревателей (впервые с 1990-го года) из-за того, что Кремлин им мешает.

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